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Fall Leagues

Fall Leagues Now Forming!




VFW Aches and Pains

Our VFW League meets every Monday at 9:15 am starting September 12th.  It’s a fabulous way to enjoy the fellowship of great friends, and stay in tip-top shape! Join us, won’t you?


Monday Nighters League

Monday Night is a fun night to let your hair down after the day has taken its toll.  No hair?  We don’t care!  Join us anyways!  Bowling starts at 6:45 pm weekly starting September 12th.


Slow Risers

Called the Slow Risers because it’s tough to get your roll going in the morning, but this league is well worth the wake-up call.  Scratch scoring and competitive fun, this one is popular, so let us know if you’re “up” for the challenge!


St. Regis

Are you looking for a super-fun way to ease into league bowling? Our St. Regis league is the perfect answer.  Easy-going and lots of fun, our handicapped scoring Tuesday evening league can be anything you want it to be – including “date night”.


Satellites Ladies

For you ladies, we have a league that’s right up your alley! Get together every Wednesday morning for a delightful day on the lanes.  Don’t think you can bowl? You’re welcome here.  Our handicapped scoring Satellites league proves that anyone can play the game of bowling, and is sure to bring you fun that is “out of this world” !



Do you have a favorite local business you’d like to recognize? Get your friends together and join us for our handicapped scoring Commercial League! Sponsors get their ads on our overhead monitors all season long, and their business name seen on a weekly basis by the entire league membership.  A great way to get name recognition and loyalty from an amazing group of people! Are you a business owner/manager interested in sponsorship? Contact us to get more information today!


12 Grand

If you’ve got a “need for competition”, you’ll have great fun with this league!  Scoring is handicapped, but don’t let it fool ya’… everyone wants to win.  Whether you’re beginner or more advanced, you have a place here.  Bring your love for the sport, and your friends along, too. Oh yeah, and we don’t call it 12 Grand for nothing.  There’s great money paid out at season’s end.


Friday Fun

Ahhh, Friday. The day everyone looks forward to on Monday.  It’s finally here, and our lanes are waiting for you to have some fun, Friday-style!  It’s the perfect excuse to get on the lanes and really let off some steam.  Have a sip or two of your favorite wind-down beverage, and forget how hectic your work week has been.


Tower Youth

Can you say, “Scholarship opportunities”? Our Saturday youth league is the perfect primer for all of the scholarships awaiting youth bowlers these days.  Your membership in our league awards you with TONS of on-lane instruction, both during league and at weekly practice sessions.  Also, tournaments in our South Sound and surrounding areas offer too many opportunities to count for scholarships that stay and grow with your child.  Join us today, and be a part of the Future for the Sport!