Tower Lanes League Bowlers and Friends -

We hope you are safe and healthy, and enjoying some quality time with family in your homes.  We know that life is throwing one curve ball after another right now, with bowling not being here for your enjoyment.  Boy, it's just when leagues were winding down when all this happened, and now we're missing bowling more than ever before. We're in this with you, and we feel your pain.

Your bowling center has been closed for a month now (hard to believe, right), and we're missing you terribly. We know you have a lot to think about while you're cooped up, including wondering what's happening with your fall/winter league(s).
We want to assure you that Tower will be here and ready when they tell us we can reopen.

We've thought about the best course of action for all of our leagues to provide a sense of closure for everyone. We've come up with the following plan of action, although it is a tentative one:

All leagues will consider the last day they bowled before the government closure as the end of their current quarter.

Roll-off/Sweeper for league championship would be conducted during the week of June 1st through June 7th. League funds would be disbursed at the completion of the roll-off/sweeper on that date.

With this approach, your league would have closure, with a championship and sweeper. Also, we're not currently conducting business, and for the safety of our employees and customers, we're unable to accommodate any funds requests/disbursements while the quarantine is in effect.

We hope that our tentative plan will work for you, as we plan to get back into full-swing as soon as we're allowed to, but we can't predict when that might occur. We feel that this is the best scenario for safety's sake and for your peace of mind. Besides, it'd be a great way for us to say hello and wish you well moving forward, as we weren't given the opportunity to do that before you left.

We encourage you to contact your league officers or Brenda Zimmerman at (253) 222-1548.

Looking forward to better days ahead,

Bob Hanson
General Manager & Owner
Tower Lanes Entertainment Center